Emergency Status

What is LancerALERT?

Lenoir Community College uses LancerALERT as its notification system to notify college students, faculty and staff of possible emergencies. LancerALERT notices are intended only for situations involving imminent danger to health or human safety. These may include severe weather, snow closings, utility failure, major road closings, fire or hazardous-material spill in the area and bomb or weapon threats.

LancerALERT sends notices at no charge; however, your provider’s standard charges may apply.

All members of the Lenoir Community College community should take steps to ensure their own safety and the safety of others in an emergency. Know your role in an emergency and update your contact information with the College.

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LancerALERT Updates
If there is an emergency, this website will be updated frequently with instructions and information about the incident, campus services and resources available to the Lenoir Community College community.
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