What If I Want to Stop Receiving LancerALERTS?

You have two options to opt-out of LancerALERT text. Please choose one of the following:

Text STOP at any time to 67283 or 226787

Select LancerALERT and use your LancerLOGIN ID and password to access LancerALERT. If you need to reset your LancerLOGIN password, select LancerLOGIN, reset your password, then proceed to LancerALERT.

Step 1: Choose Groups
If you provided your cell phone number during registration, you will see your cell phone number listed under Mobile Phones. Access Groups to begin the removal process.

LancerALERT Removal from alerts

Step 2: Uncheck Text
To stop receiving LancerALERT text messages, uncheck the box under Text. Choose Update.

Removal Success