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Apprenticeship Program

For Employers:

- benefit both employers & employees- grant program begins summer 2022- build a talent pipeline- cover costs of salary for apprentices- offset cost of insurance, training, uniforms, etc.

For Apprentices:

- grant program begins summer 2022- funds may cover tuition, fees, & books- earn progressive wages- learn valuable skills- obtain nationally recognized credentials

Apprenticeship Program





Choose from basic skills education for adults, opportunities to achieve adult high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma, various cultural and community service programs, upgrading and vocational courses designed to prepare students for new jobs or allow them to perform better in their present job, and more!

Who to Contact

For more information:
Dr. Justin Tilghman
Dean of Workforce Development and Public Safety

Bullock (Building 001), Room 154
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 730
Fax: (252) 233-6880