Title IX

Lenoir Community College (LCC) is a Zero-Tolerance College on Sexual Violence and Discrimination. LCC does not tolerate discrimination of any kind based on gender, sexual orientation, age, race, religion or ideology. Staff and Faculty are here to protect students, employees, and guests.

Know your Rights (OCR): document provided by the Office for Civil Rights regarding the specific requirements of Title IX as they pertain to sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Campus SAVE Act
File a Complaint
Know Your Rights
Questions/Answers for Students, Faculty, & Staff
Sexual Misconduct Policy/Procedure

To whom should I report an incident?

Dean of Students Services-Title IX Coordinator–ext. 318
Director of Human Resources-Deputy Title IX Coordinator (secondary)–ext. 397
Campus Security-(emergency cases that require immediate attention) 252-361-1326
Counseling Services-(confidential reporting)–ext. 395
College Achievement Coach-(confidential reporting)–ext. 915
Division Deans-(will report to the Title IX coordinators)

  • Arts & Sciences–ext. 906
  • Business, Industry, and Emerging Technologies–ext. 612
  • Health Sciences–ext. 801
  • Continuing Education–ext. 720
Director of Human Resources-Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Primary Contact)

Dean of Student Services-Title IX Coordinator (When the primary contact is absent)

Campus Security-(Emergency cases that require immediate attention)

Division Deans-(To report incidents related to division personnel)

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Human Resources Director) is the primary contact person for faculty and staff. All employees are encouraged to contact human resources on the Kinston Campus of LCC to report incidents of harassment, intimidation, assault, or discrimination. In the absence of the Human Resources Director, the Title IX Coordinator is available to meet with faculty or staff regarding issues that may require immediate attention. If there is a situation that requires law enforcement or if there is immediate danger to the individual employee or others, please contact Campus Security.

If an employee or student witnesses actions that may require intervention by LCC staff, please report to the Dean of Student Services (Title IX Coordinator) or Human Resources (Deputy Title IX Coordinator). In emergency situations, Campus Security is the first line of communication.
For more information:
Dr. John Paul Black
Vice President of Workforce Development
& Continuing Education/Title IX Coordinator

Bullock (Bldg 001), Room 152
Phone: (252) 527-6223 ext. 704
Fax: (252) 233-6879
Email: jpblack73@lenoircc.edu
For more information:
Tasha Johnson
Director of Human Resources/Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Administration (Bldg 003), Room 120B
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 397
Fax: (252) 233-6899
Email: tvjohnson90@lenoircc.edu