What You Should Do

Evacuate during fires, gas leaks, or major utility failures:

  • Leave buildings
  • Do not use elevators
  • Take personal belongings (keys, purse, cell phone, etc)
  • Assist those with disabilities
  • Convene in designated assembly points
  • Wait for the “all clear” by college officials

Severe Weather – Snow, Ice, Hurricanes, Flooding , etc.

  • In case of inclement weather, which may affect our safe operation, the College will attempt to make a decision and notify local radio and TV stations by 6:30 a.m. on regularly scheduled class days. This will allow students, faculty, and staff with school children to better coordinate their daycare. Decisions concerning closing the College are very difficult to make based on predictions. Weather conditions can change in a couple of hours, and the College’s three-county service area seems to be on the snow line. Therefore, if Jones or Greene counties are more adversely affected by the weather than Lenoir County, the directors are authorized to close their campuses prior to our general announcement. The Dean of Health Sciences is authorized to cancel clinicals at his/her discretion. Students will be notified as early as possible by college officials regarding the status of a particular clinical site. Once the president or his/her designee officially closes the College, all campuses are closed and there will be no admittance on College property.

Assailant Reported On/Near Campus

  • Lock or barricade building or room doors
  • Turn out lights and stay away from windows
  • Block windows and close blinds
  • Silence cell phones
  • Take cover behind dense, solid objects
  • Wait for the “all clear” by college officials

Take Shelter During Tornados

  • Stay inside until danger is passed
  • Seek shelter on the lowest building level, interior rooms or hallways with interior walls, such as bathrooms and closets
  • Put as many walls as possible between you and exterior of building
  • Avoid windows and doors with glass panels
  • Avoid interior and exterior doors
  • Stay away from entrances
  • After a tornado, beware of broken glass, unstable structures and debris
  • Monitor Lenoir Community College’s website for updates
  • Wait for the “all clear” by college officials