Reporting an Emergency

Medical Emergency

If Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is required, please call 911 immediately. At the same time, have someone contact Security. If it is not known whether or not EMS is required, please contact Security at 252-361-1326 to handle the situation.

Once EMS has been called, the Security Officer will remain on the scene and call for assistance in guiding the ambulance to the appropriate building and room.

Report Suspicious Activity or Concerns

LCC Security (252) 361-1326 – Be sure to add LCC Security 252-361-1326 to your cell phone contacts.

Immediate Assistance Needed

If an emergency requires help from police, firefighters, or medical technicians, call LCC Security at 252-361-1326. If the emergency may cause imminent danger, please call 911 and then contact LCC Security at 252-361-1326.