How Do I Test LancerALERT Info?

Need my LancerLOGIN

Need MY LancerLOGIN

Students and employees are signed up to receive LancerALERTs via LancerMAIL. If LCC generates a LancerALERT notice, it will be sent via LancerMAIL and if you provided the College with your cell phone number, you will also receive via text message.

In order to test your LancerALERT information you’ll need to know how to access your LancerLOGIN. If you know your LancerLOGIN and want to test your LancerALERT information, proceed to Step 1. If you don’t know your LancerLOGIN, access Need My LancerLOGIN below to activate and login to your account.

LancerALERT Login

STEP 1 – LancerALERT Login

Visit the LancerAlert Login homepage and LOG IN using your LancerLOGIN credentials.

Change/Update LancerALERT Info

STEP 2 – Confirm Cell Phone Number

Check to make sure your cell phone number is shown correctly. If your phone number is correct, perform the Test to receive a test text message. If your number is incorrect or not listed, proceed to Change/Update LancerALERT Information.