Activate Your LancerLOGIN Account

Activate Account or Reset Password

Activate LancerLOGIN (ACCOUNT SETUP) or Password Reset
1. Visit
2. Select “myLCC”. (top right)
3. Select “Activate Account.”
4. Type in Student ID number or SSN.
5. Type in last name.
6. Type in date of birth. (mm/dd/yyyy)
7. Create a new password, retype to confirm.
8. Select “I’m not a robot” and complete the reCAPTCHA picture challenge.
9. Select “Submit.”
10. Make a note of your LancerLOGIN ID; you will use your LancerLOGIN ID and password to access myLCC. (home for student tools & info)

Access myLCC (student tools & info), LancerMAIL (student email), or Moodle (course information)

1. Visit
2. Select “myLCC”. (top right)
3. Select “Sign In.”
4. Enter your LancerLOGIN ID. Example: jjdoe22
5. Enter your password.
6. Select “Sign In.”