Surgical Technology–D45740

Applications are accepted from qualified applicants each year beginning in September. Please check back at that time for any updated requirements.

BEFORE applying to the Surgical Technology program, an applicant must satisfy the math and PSB prerequisites. Students must also complete any needed developmental reading or English courses before applying to the Surgical Technology program.
An applicant must submit documentation of one of the following before receiving the Surgical Technology application packet:

  • An unweighted high school GPA of 2.8+ from a College Prep Curriculum valid within 10 years of enrollment
  • Qualifying placement scores or a grade of “P” for DMA 010-080 within the past 10 years.
  • MAT 080 with a grade of “C” or higher within the past 10 years.
  • RISE placement or transition studies showing mastery of Units 1-12 (Tier 2) within the past 10 years.
  • Students who have completed a college approved math course such as MAT 122, MAT 141, MAT 151, MAT 161, MAT 171, or MAT 263 with a “C” or better may meet the math requirement.

Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) EXAM:

  • All Surgical Technology Applicants are required to take the PSB EXAM. The score report must be submitted with your application. See Step 4 for guidelines, study guides, test dates, how to pay and register for the PSB test.

NOTE: Currently enrolled LCC students skip to step 2. If you are currently not attending LCC and you are applying to a second Health Sciences Program and have already completed step 1, skip to step 2.

Complete an online LCC Application for Admission. Select Pre-Surgical Technology A10300SU as the major. Select 2020 FA as the start term. As part of the general admissions process, submit an official high school transcript, official transcripts from all other colleges attended, and placement scores if applicable. Set up your LancerLOGIN Account so that you can access your LancerMAIL. Acceptance into a Pre–Health Sciences program does not guarantee acceptance into the Health Sciences program.

Application for General College Admission

Setup Lancer Account

Applications are accepted from qualified applicants each year beginning in September. Please check back at that time for any updated requirements.

Step 1 must be completed before submitting the Intent to Apply form. Any course prerequisites must be satisfied before submitting the Intent to Apply form. A confirmation email will be sent indicating that your Intent to Apply form was received.

Intent to Apply

The Health Sciences Advisor will review your transcripts and a second email will be sent indicating requirements have been met for biology and math. A Health Sciences Application Packet will be sent as an attachment in the email, as well. If you have not provided proof of the math and/or biology requirements, an email will be sent requesting you contact the Health Sciences Admissions Advisor to provide missing information: If you have not take the PSB exam, complete Step 4 now.

Most Health Science applicants are required to take the PSB Exam and must submit the PSB score report with the application. If you would like to improve on your score, there is a 30 day wait before retaking the exam.

PSB Exam Requirements

Applications and any additional paperwork required must be submitted no later than January 31, 2020 by 12 Noon. An application, a checklist and a PSB score are required. If you did not complete BIO 168 and BIO 169 prior to receiving the Health Sciences application and checklist, and you attended another college, you must submit an official transcript showing your grades for these courses. If you are enrolled in BIO 169 at another college for the spring semester, you must submit proof of enrollment.

Surgical Technology, AAS
Surgical Technology Diploma
Semester-by-Semester Plan
Essential Functions
Point Count Worksheet
Print Steps

Accreditation Outcomes

CAAHEP (Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs) and ARC/STSA (Accreditation Review Council on Education on Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting) accredited programs are required to meet outcome benchmarks each year.

Outcomes include but are not limited to:

2019 Certified Technology Exam 91%
2018 Certified Technology Exam 93%
2017 Certified Technology Exam 93%
2016 Certified Technology Exam 100%


For more admissions information:
Donna Phillips Williams
Student Services Office Manager

Admin. (Bldg 3), Room 140F
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 385
Fax: (252) 233-6897

For more information:
Jimi Spears, RN, ADN, CST
Surgical Technology Program Chair/Instructor

Health Sciences (Bldg 13), Room 232
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 802
Fax: (252) 520-9598