Reinforced Instruction for Student Excellence (RISE) Placement Test

If the applicant graduated from a regionally accredited public high school, private school, or home school within the past ten years:

  • The applicant will be placed into their program’s gateway math and English based on their unweighted high school GPA.
  • An applicant with a GPA of 2.8 or higher may register for any class without mandatory additional supports.
  • An applicant with a GPA of 2.2-2.799 may enroll in a gateway course with a mandatory corequisite.
    NOTE: Co-requisites are not available for all courses.
    For courses without a co-requisite, the student will be enrolled in the corresponding pre-requisite for the course.
  • An applicant with a GPA less than 2.2 must enroll in a transition course.
  • If an applicant does not have a GPA, the RISE Placement test will be required or the applicant must qualify for a waiver.

If the applicant graduated from high school more than ten years ago:

  • The applicant will be required to take the RISE Placement test or the applicant must qualify for a waiver.

NOTE: LCC does not accept all online high schools


The RISE Placement Test requirement may be waived by the Director of Admissions upon receipt of the official documentation if the applicant meets one of the following:

  1. Has earned an associate degree or bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  2. Has satisfactorily completed one college-level English and math course at or above the developmental or vocational level at a regionally accredited college or university.
  3. Has a GED with a score of 170 or higher on each section (2014 and later).
  4. Has a HiSet score of 15 on each section and a 4 on the essay (2015 and later).
  5. Has made the following minimum scores on the SAT or ACT:
    1. English: ACT Reading 20 OR ACT English 16 OR SAT Writing 500 (prior to March 2016) OR SAT Critical Reading 500 (prior to March 2016) OR SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 480 (beginning March 2016)
    2. Math: ACT Math 20 OR SAT Math 500 (prior to March 2016) OR Math 530 (beginning March 2016)
  6. Has taken the ACCUPLACER, Asset, Compass, or North Carolina’s Diagnostic Test and Placement (NC DAP) test within the past ten years


Tier One: Introduction to College Reading and Writing, Identifying Main Ideas, Discovering Implied Meaning, Interpreting Bias, Analysis through Definition, Learning Across Disciplines
Tier Two: Exploring Comparative Elements, Informed Opinions through Causal Chains, Applied Critical Analysis, Using Sources in Critical Reading and Writing

Tier One: whole numbers; fractions and mixed numbers; decimals; ratio, proportion, and rates; percent; measurement, geometry, and real numbers
Tier Two: solving equations and inequalities; graphing; exponents and polynomials; concepts in statistics
Tier Three: rational expressions; radical expressions and quadratic equations; factoring; systems of equations and inequalities; and functions


Students will not be allowed to retake the RISE Placement Test. The results of the test will place students into gateway math and English with or without a corequisite or into a transition course. Mastery of the transition course will allow students to achieve levels that will allow them to take gateway courses.


  • The RISE Placement Test may take two to four hours to complete. Students may take the test in sections over several days if preferred.
  • The test is by appointment only. Please contact the Tutorial Lab & RISE Transition Coordinator to schedule your appointment.
  • Students must present a valid photo ID to take the RISE Placement Test.
  • Students requiring accommodations with a documented disability should contact the Student Support and Accessibility Advisor, at (252)-527-6223, ext. 331.
  • There is no cost for the test
  • If a student has tested within the last 10 years at another college, the student must contact that college and request Placement Test scores be emailed to
  • We cannot accept the Accuplacer Nextgen.

To schedule a test, please contact:
Emily Davis
Academic Support & RISE Transition Coordinator

Science/LAP (Building 027), Room 121
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 972
Fax: (252) 233-6779