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The RN Refresher Course, NUR 3247,–NUR3247 is a two-module clinical competency course of 248 total hours. One prerequisite course is required of students before being admitted to the program: complete NCAHEC RN Refresher didactic portion. You may review this course by visiting the NC AHEC website and searching for RN Refresher course.

Curriculum Preview

NUR 3247 consists of two modules. Module I of 48 hours occurs in the first two weeks on campus with faculty determining nursing competency during simulation clinical. Students must satisfactorily complete Module I to progress to Module II. Please note, in the event, a student is determined unsatisfactory, the student will be dismissed from the RN Refresher Course and reports filed with the NCBON.

After successful completion of Module I, Module II consists of 200 hours of direct client experience. Clinicals are conducted at a local clinical facility utilizing selected RN preceptors and faculty to determine satisfactory performance. These hours are generally 7:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. shifts anytime over a seven-day time frame to include weekends.

Because clinical faculty experts determine clinical competency, the RN Refresher student will not be allowed to appeal dismissal from either Module I or Module II. Unsatisfactory performance will be discussed with the RN Refresher student early in the course to assist the student to take corrective actions. Safety violations or unprofessional/personal behaviors will result in immediate dismissal.

Upon provisional acceptance into the NUR 3247, there will be additional requirements to complete the admissions process before enrolling in the course. The additional requirements may include but are not limited to such things as Health records, criminal background checks, and drug screens. The actual tuition cost of this course varies from year to year, and is established by the legislature, so please inquire of us about the current tuition. Fees and other associated costs will include uniforms, housing if unable to commute, updated immunization costs, etc. We make every attempt at keeping the cost as affordable as possible.

Expect to provide your NC RN license number or Social Security number to be used to verify your status with the NCBON.

Revised August 2013

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Who to Contact

For more information:
Dr. Alexis Welch, RN
Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing
Health Sciences (Bldg 13), Room 214
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 801
Fax: (252) 520-9598
Email: abwelch27@lenoircc.edu

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