The following is permitted under NJCAA recruitment rules:

  1. No institution shall permit an athlete to be solicited to attend by the promise of a gift or inducement other than an athletic grant-in-aid.
  2. An institution may pay for one visit to its campus by direct route, for a stay not to exceed two days and two nights. The paid visit must be limited to the campus and local community where the college is located. A student-athlete must have completed his/her junior year in high school in order to receive an official recruiting visit by a member NJCAA college.
  3. While recruiting a potential athlete on campus, a college representative may purchase meals for the athlete. The value of the meals may not exceed the amount provided to a college employee while traveling on college business.
  4. A college official must authorize all funds utilized for recruitment purposes.

For further clarification of the recruiting rules, see Article VIII, Section 2. If a student-athlete signs a NJCAA Letter of Intent, all NJCAA institutions are obligated to respect that signing and shall cease to recruit that student-athlete. The student-athlete is obligated to notify any recruiter who contacts him/her of the signing.

For more information about the National Junior College Athletic Association, write to: NJCAA, 1631 Mesa Avenue, Suite B, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 or contact your local NJCAA member college. Additional information can also be found on the NJCAA website.