Child Care Grant Frequently Asked Questions

No. You are not required to apply for the grant. If you received a letter or email from the financial aid office indicating you needed to apply, it is not a requirement. You are simply being informed that there is a child care grant available and that you could be eligible if you are interested. Applying for the grant is not a requirement to receiving financial aid.

You will be sent an award letter in the mail notifying you that you have been selected to receive funding. The letter will include a list of documents you must bring to the financial aid office to turn in to the Child Care Grant Coordinator. You will be given a deadline to reply. If you have not replied by the stated deadline, your child care funds will be awarded to the next student on the waiting list.

Yes. You will be sent a denial letter indicating why your application was denied or cannot be processed. You cannot submit a second application until the following semester.

If you are eligible for the grant, but there is not any funding left, your name will be placed on the waiting list. Your name will remain on the waiting list for the year as long as you maintain your GPA, Completion Rate, and enrollment requirement. If funding becomes available, the Child Care Grant Coordinator will begin contacting students on the waiting list in order of eligibility and need. Generally, the grant is able to cover 8-13 students per year.

Probably not. Payment for child care is limited to $140/week per child.

Yes, but at least half of your credits must be on campus courses. If more than half of your credits are online, the Child Care Grant will be removed and awarded to the next student on the waiting list. Your spot cannot be held for the grant if you are not meeting the requirements.

No. The LCC Child Care Grant will cover any state licensed day care center in North Carolina. Church and home daycares are eligible as long as they are state licensed and can provide a copy of their state license.

Only if they have been recognized and licensed by the state as a child care facility and can provide documentation to prove it.

Two Years. A student is allowed to receive the LCC Child Care Grant for up to two school years while working on their degree.

Yes. However, priority is given to students who have no other outside assistance to pay for their child care. If you are awarded DSS daycare assistance after you have been awarded Child Care Grant funds, you will still be allowed to stay on the grant, provided you are meeting the grant requirements.

Yes. A new application will be required each school year.

Your child care grant will be terminated effective immediately the week you become ineligible and you will lose your spot on the grant. You will become responsible for your day care costs.

Yes. You are allowed to switch day care centers 2 times per year.

Yes, as long as it is a state licensed after school program.

You must be the custodial parent or legal guardian of the child you for whom you are applying for services.

Yes. There is not a limit to the number of children covered. The amount of the grant is based on your enrollment. For example, if you are a full time student, you can receive up to $600 per month no matter how many children you have requested be covered by the grant. We cannot award extra for additional children.

No. Typically, there is not enough funding to cover beyond the month of May. If there is additional funding, the Child Care Grant Coordinator will notify students. This is usually not the case. Parents are responsible for their child care expenses for June, July, and August. If a student completes the spring semester and is not enrolled for the summer term, the grant will end the last week of spring exams. If a student completes the fall semester, but is not enrolled for the spring, the grant will end the last week of fall exams.

No. The grant can only cover the monthly rate charged.

Anytime you think you may be failing a class or need to drop a class, you must speak with the Child Care Grant Coordinator as soon as possible. Dropping or failing classes could cause you to become ineligible for the Child Care Grant. It is important, that you discuss any drops or failing grades with the Grant Coordinator so they can determine how it will affect your eligibility for the grant.

To continue to remain eligible for the Child Care Grant, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of a 2.5 or higher. If failing a class does not cause you to drop below a 2.5 GPA, you will be remain eligible for the grant. If a failing grade causes your GPA to drop below a 2.5, you will be suspended from the Child Care Grant as of the week you became ineligible and your funds will be awarded to another eligible student.

The state of North Carolina awards Child Care grant funding to many colleges throughout the state. Receiving the Child Care grant at LCC, does not guarantee a spot on the grant at another college. You must apply for Child Care Grant Funds at each college separately. Having the grant at a previous college does not prioritize you for the grant at another college. You will have to contact your new school to find out the application and qualification process for Child Care Grant funds at that specific school.

Yes. If you were not awarded the Child Care Grant in the fall semester because of GPA or Completion Rate, you are welcome to apply again at the end of fall if you are now meeting qualifications. If you were placed on the waiting list in the fall, you will automatically remain on
the waiting list for the spring term as long as you are still enrolled and meeting eligibility requirements.