Documentation including a diagnosis is required by law in order to determine eligibility and must be from a licensed/certified professional. Since a current level of functioning should be included, the documentation should be recent. High School Individual Education Plans (IEP) and 504 Plans, while informative, are not sufficient to establish eligibility.

A student wishing to receive accommodations needs to follow these steps:

  1. Contact the ADA Counselor and identify her/himself as desiring accommodations.
  2. Provide recent documentation of the disability for which one is seeking accommodations as soon as possible to allow time to make arrangements. Guidelines for documentation of the applicable disability should be printed out. The guidelines need to be given to the professional providing the documentation. The professional needs to complete the documentation form and send it to the ADA Counselor at the address on the guidelines. Forms can be printed below.
  3. Wait for notification from the ADA Counselor that acceptable documentation has been received and accommodations can now be approved.
  4. Meet with the ADA Counselor to fill out a Request for Accommodations and to sign the notices to the instructors of each class for which she/he is registered. These notices outline the accommodations to be provided and must be issued at the beginning of each semester.
  5. Deliver the notices to each class instructor.
  6. Notices to instructor must be obtained again at the beginning of each semester.