Students must be enrolled full-time (twelve or more credits) at the college where they have chosen to participate when the regular season schedule of a sport begins. Students not enrolled during the term when the season begins remain ineligible throughout the season schedule unless they enroll on the first possible enrollment date following:

  1. Their release from Active Armed Services of the United States with a discharge other than dishonorable.
  2. Their return from a religious mission.
  3. Their graduation from a high school or receipt of an equivalency diploma.
  4. Their transfer from an NJCAA member college which has dropped a sport after the school year begins.

Students that satisfy one of the four exceptions become eligible after the previous term has ended upon registration as a full time student for the new term. (Students must be added to the eligibility form before participating.)

A student attending a multi-campus college may, if at the campus of his/her enrollment a sport is not offered, participate in that sport at any campus within the system that offers said sport.
Requirements for Multi-Campus designation–The various campuses involved:

  • have a common title
  • have a common CEO
  • are not individually accredited
  • do not duplicate any sports
  • must designate one individual per system as the contact

Multi-campus designation must be approved by the NJCAA.

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