The following withdrawal policy applies to students that are attending any college.

  1. Students are allowed fifteen (15) calendar days from the beginning date of classes to withdraw completely or to withdraw to less than twelve credits (part-time) and not have that term affect their future eligibility, provided they have not participated in any athletic competition. (Refer to Section 4.G.)
  2. Students that have participated and withdraw within the first fifteen (15) calendar days of a particular term are not eligible for athletic participation and must re- establish their eligibility in accordance with the provisions of section 4.D or 4.E. The term in which the student participates must be considered the same as a term of full-time attendance.

Upon returning to college following an extended absence, must I meet the current eligibility requirements?
Students who have not been enrolled in college in twelve (12) or more credit hours (full-time) for a period of eighteen calendar months or longer shall be exempt from previous term and/or accumulation requirements as set forth in Article V, Section 4.d or 4.e (not Section 4.f) of the NJCAA bylaws. Students who have served eighteen calendar months in the Armed Forces of the United States, church mission or with a recognized foreign aid service shall be exempt form Section 4.d, 4.e and 4.f. Note, this is a one time exemption, available only for the first full-time term after the period of non-attendance.

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