Cars for College


The Cars for College mission is to help low-income working students become more self-sufficient by assisting them with their vehicle transportation needs. The goal is to assure students have access to a safe, legal, affordable, and dependable vehicle to get to college.


The program gives students an opportunity to attend college and work and improve his or her economic mobility. Cars for College purchased vehicles will provide the following:
• Students will have safe, dependable vehicles to use for work and have enhanced opportunities for better jobs, more hours, and an easier way to get children to childcare so they can get to classes/work.
• Students will have access to reconditioned vehicles at a reasonable cost.
• Lower vehicle and financing costs will enable students to purchase vehicles at an affordable price.
• Vehicles purchased through this program have a six-month warranty and AAA membership for one year.
• Students can establish a good credit rating by making timely payments.
• Students will receive education and training in a career that increases earnings and social mobility for both them and their families.


Students are eligible for Cars for College if they live in Lenoir, Greene, or Jones counties, and meet the following criteria:
• Enrolled in an eligible Lenoir Community College degree, diploma, certificate, or short-term workforce development program
• Maintain enrollment in good standing until completion of a degree, diploma, certificate, or short-term workforce development program
• Employed and able to afford the ongoing cost of operating the Cars for College vehicle (loan payment, insurance, fuel, repairs/ maintenance, annual tax, and tag renewal, etc.)
• Household earnings fall below 200% of the federal poverty level
• Able to obtain vehicle insurance (no DWIs or DUIs)
• Maintain full coverage insurance on the vehicle
• Attend basic budgeting and auto maintenance course

Cars for College Application

The Cars for College Program needs cars donated to the Lenoir Community College Foundation that are able to be re-purposed for eligible students.

The program plans to provide vehicles for at least 24 eligible students during the first three years of operation.

Donating your vehicle to Lenoir Community College is a great way to support your community and help a deserving student.


What type of vehicles do you accept as donations?

We accept most cars, trucks, and vans.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Vehicles donated to the LCC Foundation are tax-deductible. Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your car donation to Cars for College is tax-deductible.

  • For vehicles valued under $500, you can claim the fair market value up to $500 without any additional paperwork. The preliminary tax receipt will be mailed to you within one week of your donation.
  • If the gross proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle exceed $500, your deduction will be limited to the actual sale price. You will also be asked by the LCC Foundation to provide general information for the purposes of completing its IRS Form 1098-C form. We will provide you with a receipt stating the final sales price of your vehicle within 30 days of its sale. Learn more about how the IRS allows you to claim a tax deduction for your car donation at

Can I donate my vehicle if it doesn’t run?

Yes, we are able to accept most vehicles whether they run or not. In most cases, non-running cars are recycled. Regardless of whether your car runs or not, the proceeds from its sale benefit the LCC Foundation’s Cars for College program.

What paperwork do I need to donate my vehicle?

All you need is a title, free of all liens. We will request some general information from you at the time of donation such as the year, make, and model of the car, as well as its general mechanical condition. We accept all vehicles, running or non-running.

How it Works
The LCC Foundation acquires used vehicles through donation or purchase.
The LCC Automotive Program (students and the ASE certified instructor) evaluates and repairs the vehicles, and performs quality and road tests to make sure it is ready to be sold.
NCWorks Career Center accepts applications from potential student participants, assesses the student needs, resources, and work history, and provides counseling regarding training, employment, and job placement.
LCC advisors collaborate with the student and NCWorks Career Center personnel to get the student enrolled in the appropriate degree, diploma, certificate, or short-term workforce development program. The student agrees to complete the degree or certificate program. The LCC Foundation sells a Cars for College vehicle to the student. Student completes required document/contract at partnered financial institution.

For more information:
Debbie Wise
Development Assistant

Administration (Building 003), Room 131
Phone: (252) 233-6824
Fax: (252) 233-6879