Institutional Effectiveness Goals

Institutional Effectiveness Goal 1

Engaging students, each other, and our community partners

1.1 Attract and recruit students, leveraging relationships with current student populations, local school districts, and business and industry.

1.2 Promote campus and community engagement and interaction among students, faculty and staff, and the community to develop meaningful relationships and bonds.

1.3 Provide innovative and streamlined programs and services that provide clear pathways for students.

1.4 Align and integrate short-term workforce training programs with curriculum program offerings and business/industry needs, creating alternative option for students.

Institutional Effectiveness Goal 2

Investing in our students, employees, and facilities.

2.1 Modernize and expand facilities and equipment to meet programmatic needs, industry demands, and economic development.

2.2 Develop and implement strategies to address affordability and financial needs of students.

2.3 Develop innovation and professional development opportunities for faculty and staff that promotes engagement.

2.4 Pursue additional funding opportunities to support excellence in all areas of the College.

Institutional Effectiveness Goal 3

Creating a quality student experience

3.1 Increase enrollment and improve student retention, progression and completion measures.

3.2 Implement and measure instructional and student support services best practices that enhance student learning and foster a welcoming learning environment.

3.3 Align and integrate workforce development (continuing education) programs with curriculum programs and student support services.

3.4 Establish well-rounded, inclusive support systems and reduce barriers to completion to ensure students are steadily progressing towards their educational goals and successfully transferring to a four-year university or transitioning to the workforce.

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Director of Innovation and Effectiveness

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Susan Nobles
Research Coordinator

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