Remarkable Woman: Helping others is what Ika Grant does

March 23rd, 2023|Categories: College News and Events, Workforce Development|

By day, Ika Grant can be found at Lenoir Community College. β€œI assist individuals that are considered low income as well as individuals,” Grant said. β€œAt that time were dislocated workers, they have been laid off from their jobs. With retraining, those retraining this can be dealing with on-the-job training, or going back to school.”

Lancers Dominate Pacers in an 11-4 Victory

March 23rd, 2023|Categories: Athletic News, College News and Events|

Lenoir Community College (16-10) showcased their offensive prowess in an 11-4 triumph over the William Peace University JV squad on Tuesday. The Lancers demonstrated impressive skill in all aspects of the game, with fiery bats, a flawless defense, and solid pitching. Accumulating 11 runs on 12 hits, Lenoir's hitters proved too much for the Pacers to