Financial Aid Tips (RIBN Students)

Forgivable Education Loan for Service (FELS)
Student Financial Aid for North Carolinians
North Carolina Community College Scholarships
  1. The community college will serve as the “home school” for the first three years of the RIBN program. This means that all financial aid will be disbursed from the financial aid office at the community college.
  2. Apply for the Forgivable Education Loan for Service–as SOON as possible (even before you apply for RIBN)!!
  3. Submit a FAFSA (and list the community college you will be attending) to be considered for the following federal and state need based programs (students should submit a FAFSA each year to be considered for these need based programs; no other financial aid application is necessary):
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • NC Education Lottery Scholarship
    • UNC Need Based Grant
    • NC Need Based Scholarship
  4. Contact the financial aid office at your community college to determine if there are other programs that would provide funding including institutional awards.
  5. College Foundation of North Carolina may be able to offer advice about other programs based on individual situations. Call CFNC toll free at 866‐866‐CFNC to speak to a financial aid specialist. This is a free service offered by CFNC.

For more information:
Mrs. Kelly Cleaton
Student Success Advocate,

RIBN Project
East Carolina University
Phone: (252) 744-6470

For more information:
Charlene Meadows
Instructional Assistant

Health Sciences (Bldg 13), Room 218
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 800
Fax: (252) 520-9598

For more information:
Dr. Alexis Welch, RN
Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing

Health Sciences (Bldg 13), Room 214
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Fax: (252) 520-9598