When is Registration?

Face-to-face and online registration is held in accordance with the Academic Calendar. An advisor for each department and staff are normally available for extended hours (8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday) during the scheduled registration days. After early registration for the term, registration will remain open (“open registration”) through the start of the term so students who missed early registration may register through an advisor or online (with advisor’s approval). However, the College is not open for extended hours during “open registration.” The College reserves the right to close registration or adjust registration dates/times as needed.

Online registration closes the day the semester begins. To register for a class after the semester begins, contact a counselor at (252) 527-6223.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organizations. The calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, and more.

  • Preregistration–one week in April (the period between pre-registration and early registration will not remain open for registration and/or schedule changes)
  • Early Registration–one week in July (registration will remain open until the fall term begins)
  • Registration–Day before fall term begins
  • Add period–First three days of fall term
  • Early Registration–one week in November (registration will remain open until the spring term begins)
  • Registration–Day before spring term begins
  • Add period–First three days of spring term
  • Early Registration–one week in April (the same week as fall pre-registration; registration for summer will remain open until the summer term begins)
  • Registration/Start of Add period–First day of summer term
  • Add period–First and second day of summer term