Refund Information

Students receiving a financial aid check will receive a notification by LancerMail 24-48 hours prior to disbursement from the Business Office.

Attend class, maintain your completion rate, and GPA so that you do not lose your financial aid.

After being notified, login to Self-Service and view your financial aid check amount.  Choose Student Finance and select Account Activity.
Please note check amount and availability are contingent upon enrollment status at time of disbursement. If you drop/withdraw from classes and your enrollment status changes prior to disbursement, your financial aid award will be adjusted and your check may be delayed due to additional processing. Your enrollment status is determined by the courses that count toward your active program(s) of study.

Students who find it necessary to withdraw from the College may owe an overpayment. If you have attended classes (even for only one time) and you completely withdraw prior to the 60% point of a semester, the school must refund to the Department of Education the unearned portion of institutional charges, and you will owe an overpayment of funds received for living expenses and for items purchased in the College Bookstore.

For questions regarding financial aid award amounts, please contact the Lenoir Community College Financial Aid Office at 252-527-6223, ext. 371 or 333 during normal operating hours.

For questions regarding account charges (tuition, bookstore, etc.), please contact the Cashier’s Office at 252-527-6223, ext. 324 or 330 during normal operating hours.