Emergency Response & Evacuation

The President or his designee is responsible for all campus emergency procedures and determines which of the following responses is appropriate regarding evacuation procedures:

Building Evacuation

  1. All buildings must be evacuated when an alarm sounds or when notified by safety personnel or designee. Do not activate an alarm in the event of a bomb threat.
  2. When the evacuation alarm is activated, occupants are to leave by the nearest marked exit while alerting others and closing all internal doors.
  3. Those most able are to assist the handicapped in exiting the building. Remember that except for a fire, the elevators are reserved for the handicapped. Deans are responsible for evacuation of their building. Do not use the elevators in case of fire.
  4. Once outside, proceed to a designated area that is a minimum of 500 feet from the compromised area or building. Keep streets, fire lanes, hydrants, and walkways clear for emergency vehicles and personnel. Do not leave campus unless told to do so by a college official.
  5. Do not return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by a college official.

Campus Evacuation

  1. Evacuation of all or part of the campus grounds is to be determined by the President and announced by Security and Safety personnel.
  2. All persons (students and staff) are to vacate the site in question immediately.
  3. If campus evacuation is required, all staff and students will exit the campus via Highway 70- going east or Highway 58 South.
  4. Security and Safety will notify employees, students, and guests when it is safe to return to their respective areas via the notification system.
Designated Evacuation Assembly Points

  • Bullock, Waller, and Administration Buildings will evacuate to field in front of Administration Building.
  • Business Technologies, Horticulture, and Gym will evacuate to the parking lot at the Hwy 70 Entrance.
  • All other buildings will evacuate to the baseball field.