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FAQs – Day One with eBooks

Day One with eBooks is a cost-savings program allowing students to purchase at a reduced cost with tuition, electronic course materials including digital textbooks, access codes, and additional educational resources such as workbooks, problem sets, tutorials, videos, simulations, and interactive software. Digital textbooks have many interactive features that allow students to highlight, annotate, search, and quickly access multimedia links.

  1. eBooks give students access to course materials immediately on the first day of class!
  2. With eBooks, there is no waiting in lines or carrying back-breaking book bags!
  3. eBooks are accessible on the Internet. Students can access eBooks from anywhere!
  4. eBooks allow students to get the lowest price possible!
Term Department Course Day One Student Charge Student Savings
SUMMER BUS 115 $111.00 $87.23
SUMMER MUS 110 $73.00 $24.19
SUMMER MAT 121 $75.00 $69.11
SUMMER REL 110 $54.00 $36.69
FALL ACC 120 $152.00 $31.02
FALL ACC 120 $152.00 $31.02
FALL ACC 131 $136.00 $47.02
FALL ACC 220 $152.00 $31.02
FALL ACC 225 $124.00 $24.70
FALL BIO 111 $103.00 $49.81
FALL BIO 112 $0.00 $0.00
FALL BIO 163 $96.00 $28.69
FALL BIO 168 $124.00 $36.71
FALL BIO 169 $0.00 $0.00
FALL BIO 275 $53.00 $117.77
FALL BUS 110 $107.00 $83.60
FALL BUS 115 $111.00 $87.23
FALL BUS 121 $77.00 $60.22
FALL BUS 125 $111.00 $91.83
FALL BUS 137 $107.00 $91.23
FALL BUS 153 $107.00 $83.60
FALL CHM 130 $124.00 $36.76
FALL CHM 131 $124.00 $36.76
FALL CHM 151 $124.00 $36.76
FALL CHM 152 $0.00 $0.00
FALL ECO 251 $60.00 $153.50
FALL ECO 252 $60.00 $153.50
FALL MAT 110 $86.00 $16.96
FALL MAT 121 $75.00 $69.11
FALL MAT 143 $75.00 $69.11
FALL MAT 152 $86.00 $59.50
FALL MAT 171 $112.00 $32.11
FALL MAT 172 $0.00 $0.00
FALL MAT 263 $75.00 $69.11
FALL MAT 271 $119.00 $23.99
FALL MAT 273 $0.00 $0.00
FALL MKT 120 $107.00 $83.60
FALL MUS 110 $73.00 $24.19
FALL REL 110 $54.00 $36.69
  1. To transform LCC’s students’ educational experiences
  2. To greatly reduce for students the ever-increasing cost of college textbooks/course materials
  3. To enable students access to textbooks/course materials on the first day of class

Students access Day One with eBooks in Moodle.  Everything needed is loaded and ready to use when a student logs in the course in Moodle.

Note:  Be sure the pop-up blocker is disabled within the browser or add the eBook to the allowed list within the pop-up blocker application.  Complete instructions for accessing eBook will be available on the first day of class.

The cost of the eBook will be added to tuition and fees and automatically billed. The eBook charge will be listed separately on the registration statement. Tuition, fees, and the eBook charge must be paid at the same time. The eBook charge must be paid each time a student registers for a class requiring an eBook, including when a class is repeated.

If lower costs, easily accessible course materials, and no heavy books to carry are unappealing, a student may opt out of Day One with eBooks. Please contact the Cashier’s office prior to the course’s 10% date to receive a refund. Students must opt out of each course individually if taking multiple courses using eBooks.

Most eBook publishers offer the option to buy an affordable loose-leaf copy of the textbook in the Lenoir Community College Bookstore. The cost of the loose-leaf textbook and the eBook together are less expensive than the hard copy textbook bundled with the access code. With most eBooks, students can print pages as needed.

If an eBook class is dropped before the 10% date, the student will receive a 100% refund of the eBook fee.

Yes, help is available!

Faculty using Day One with eBooks can assist students with Day One and provide instructions detailing how to access and use eBooks.

Publishers can also assist students with eBooks through their support websites and/or call centers.