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Online Registration

All students are required to speak to their advisor before registering online.

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What is Online Registration?

Are you a Special Credit or a Visiting Student?
When do I register for classes online?
Review Academic Calendar for specific dates
Who can register online?

  • You must have applied for admissions to LCC and be accepted as a student at least 24 hours before attempting to log in to WebADVISOR. If you applied as a degree seeking student you must provide all documents required by the Admissions Office before being admitted as a student. High school students participating in dual–enrollment in Career and College Promise High School Programs can only be registered by contacting the Director of Admissions. Degree seeking students must obtain advisor permission before registering online. Special credit students do not require advisor approval.

How do I know who my advisor/counselor is?

  • After logging in to WebADVISOR, choose “My Profile” under the category “Academic Profile.” Your advisor’s (counselor’s) name and contact information is the first item under “Academic Information.”

When do I have to pay for the courses for which I have registered?

How do I pay after I register online?

Can I pay before I register?

  • No.

Is it a requirement that all students must use online registration?

  • No, online registration is an alternate way for students to register after they have spoken with their advisors. You may still ask that your advisor register you face-to-face.

Who do I contact if I get an error when trying to register?

  • Please remember that all degree seeking students are required to obtain advisor approval before registering online.
  • Most errors will provide an explanation for the error. Before attempting to register check to make sure you have no active holds or restrictions on your account which could prevent you from registering. Active holds will be associated with a phone number for you to call to inquire about how to have the hold removed.
  • If you still have an error after verifying that all restrictions/holds have been removed, please contact your advisor.

Which restrictions/holds will prevent me from registering online and who do I call to find out what I need to do to have them removed?
Registrar’s Office Restrictions (252-527-6223, ext. 306):

  • RO – Registrar’s
  • ATH – Athlete

Admissions Office Restrictions (252-527-6223, ext. 395):

  • READM – Re-admit
  • IF – Incomplete file for admissions
  • DISP – Disciplinary

Business Office Restrictions (252-527-6223, ext. 324):

  • BUS – Business Office
  • PF – Parking Fine

Library Restrictions (252-527-6223, ext. 507):

  • LF – Library fine

Why am I seeing a “Registration Request” webpage after I choose “Online Registration?”

  • During the add period (begins the first day of the semester and lasts three days) registration is no longer live. This means that students may submit a manual request for registration online by logging in to WebADVISOR, but requests are not reviewed in real-time. They are reviewed as time permits. Therefore, once the semester begins it is in the students’ best interest to contact their advisors to make any necessary schedule changes. After the add period ends students may contact their advisors to request drops (but not adds) through the 10% point of the semester (see Academic Calendar for exact dates).

I have the prerequisite for the class I’m trying to register for. Why am I getting an error indicating that I haven’t met the prerequisite?

  • Students must provide official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office at least two weeks prior to registering online. Degree seeking students who have not met this criteria must be registered by their advisor.
  • If you have provided official transcripts to the Registrar’s Office two weeks prior to registering and are still receiving an error, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 252-527-6223 ext 314 or 306.

Special/Visiting Students Transcript Information
When I try to search for sections to register it says there are no sections available. Why?

  • Either the section you are searching for does not exist (some courses are only offered once a year) or you may be trying to register during a time when registration is closed. Check the registration schedule above to verify.


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