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(PROGRAM UNDER REVIEW – Students are not currently being accepted into this program.)
The Horticulture Technology–A15240 program that focuses on the general production and management of the cultivated plant, shrubs, flowers, foliage, trees, groundcovers, and related plant materials; the management of technical and business operations connected with the horticulture services; and the basic scientific principles needed to understand plants and their management and care.

Pathway: Plant Systems
These curricula are designed to prepare individuals for various careers in horticulture. Classroom instruction and practical laboratory applications of horticulture principles and practices are included in the program of study.

Course work includes plant identification, pest management, plant science and soil science. Also included are courses in sustainable plant production and management, landscaping, and the operation of horticulture businesses.

Curriculum Preview

Sample Courses

  • AGR 170 – Soil Science
    This course covers the basic principles of soil management and fertilization. Topics include liming, fertilization, soil management, biological properties of soil (including beneficial microorganisms), sustainable land care practices, and the impact on soils, and plant nutrients.
  • HOR 134 – Greenhouse Operations
    This course covers the principles and procedures involved in the operation and maintenance of greenhouse facilities.

Sample Courses

  • HOR 160 – Plant Materials I
    This course covers identification, culture, characteristics, and use of plants in a sustainable landscape. Emphasis is placed on nomenclature, identification, growth requirements, cultural requirements, soil preferences, and landscape applications.
  • HOR 168 – Plant Propagation
    This course is a study of the sexual and asexual reproduction of plants. Emphasis is placed on seed propagation, grafting, stem and root propagation, micro-propagation, and other propagation techniques.

Sample Courses

  • HOR 112- Landcscape Design I
    This course covers landscape principles and practices for residential and commercial sites. Emphasis is placed on drafting, site analysis, and common elements of good design, plant material selection, and proper plant utilization (encouraging use of native plants and discouraging use of invasive species).
  • HOR 253 – Horticulture Turfgrass
    This course covers information and skill development necessary to establish and manage landscape turfgrasses. Topics include grass identification, establishment, cultural requirements, application of control products, fertilization, and overseeding techniques.

Sample Courses

  • HOR 114 – Landscape Construction
    This course introduces the design and fabrication of landscape structures/features. Emphasis is placed on safety, tool identification and use, material selection, construction techniques, and fabrication.
  • HOR 273 – Hor Mgmt & Marketing
    This course covers the steps involved in starting or managing a horticultural business. Topics include financing, regulations, market analysis, employer/employee relations, formulation of business plans, and operational procedures in a horticultural business.

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For more information:
Warren Moore
Dean of Business and Industry

Science/LAP (Building 027), Room 127
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 612
Fax: (252) 233-6889
Email: wcmoore39@lenoircc.edu

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