Library Project Basics

Choose a research topic. Although you can choose any topic from dragonflies to rugby, you may want to choose your intended major or intended career field since the next project will be the program project.

If you live in the Kinston area, go to the Leigh and John McNairy Library on campus and ask about the following steps of the project. If you do not live in the Kinston area, go to your town library or a nearby campus library. Some campus libraries give you a library card even if you do not attend the school.

Find one article about your research topic on NCLIVE then complete your NCLIVE Article. NCLIVE is a search database which allows students access to newspapers, magazines, and books online. You will use NCLIVE or another database multiple times while in college.

NCLIVE Article

Complete an online catalog search, which will include: checking out a book and finding an article in the reference section. Both must have information about your research topic. If you do not live in the Kinston area, you may need to complete this task at your local library. After checking out the book and finding a reference article, complete the attached forms titled “Book” and “Reference”.

Online Catalog

Complete an internet search about your research topic. You can complete this task from the comfort of your home computer with no passwords. After you have found a reliable, resourceful website about your research topic, complete the attached form titled “Internet Source”. When searching for reliable websites, look for:

Who publishes the site? NASA or Society for Friends of UFOs? You would want to go with NASA.
Use .org (with the exception of Wikipedia), .gov, or .edu [Do not use .com sites.] Accuracy:

Grammar–a reliable website will have the means to hire a good editor
Double check the site through the external links. Are the external links reliable?

The site should be unbiased.
Check for logical fallacies

Has the site been updated?
All sources should be written after 2005; however, realize that the currency matters depending on the subject. For instance, the Korean War is still over, but the cure for cancer has not been found.

For more information:
Rich Garafolo
Director of Library Services

Leigh and John McNairy Library (Bldg 5)
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 504
Fax: (252) 233-6881

For more information:
Bonnie Futrelle
Library Services Assistant

Leigh and John McNairy Library (Bldg 5)
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 510
Fax: (252) 233-6881