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NC Guided Pathways to Success

Moving from a model that promotes access to enrollment to one that supports access to Student Completion.

  1. Clarify paths to student end goals, providing fewer choices and clearer program maps that lead to transfer or the workforce.
  2. Help students choose and enter a pathway, including bridges from high school to college, on-ramps to programs of study, and accelerated remediation.
  3. Help students stay on a path with intrusive, ongoing advising and integrated educational and nonacademic supports.
  4. Ensure that students are learning with clear program outcomes aligned to employer and/or transfer institution expectations, engaging and applied learning experiences, and effective instructional practices.

Nationally, colleges that have implemented comprehensive Guided Pathways innovations have demonstrated improvements in many measures of student success. Participating colleges may expect the following benefits:

  1. Increased number of program credits earned in first year (progress toward credential);
  2. Increase completion of gateway English and math in first year (progress toward credential);
  3. Improved credential completion rates;
  4. Increased student learning outcomes;
  5. Greater alignment of program outcomes with local industry and four-year transfer partners;
  6. Greater numbers of full-time students enrolled;
  7. Increased enrollment (headcount and FTE);
  8. Greater efficiencies and cost savings (return on investments) for the college and students; and
  9. Improved college-wide capacity to collect, analyze, and apply data, using consistent metrics and reporting.

NC Guided Pathways to Success Plan 2018–2019

NC GPS Essential Practices

Transforming Higher Education: The Guided Pathways Approach

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Board Meeting–October 1, 2018

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Implementing Guided Pathways

Board Meeting–October 1, 2018

Guided Pathways to Success RISE Initiative