Request to Release Test Scores
Please complete the form below to request your test scores to be sent to another college or university*. This request form is for LCC Accuplacer, RISE, and NC DAP placement test scores only. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing (Note: the Assessment Center is closed on Friday). It is up to the student to confirm the completion of their request. Test scores will not be released if a hold is on your account.
*Colleges and universities have different policies for accepting scores. Before submitting this request, please contact your transfer institution and inquire of their respective policy. LCC cannot process your request if your test was taken before 2014.
Request to Release Test Scores Form

How would you like to receive your test scores

How would you like to receive test scores

If by mail, please provide Institution name and complete mailing address:

If by fax, please provide institution(s) name and fax number(s):

If by email, please provide institution(s) email address(es):

Student Authorization: I authorize LCC to release a copy of my test scores.