Scholarship Recipients
Macy Beaman
“I am thankful for the generous donations made to the LCC Foundation scholarships that have helped me pay for my tuition at LCC. Because I am in RIBN program, I am enrolled in the nursing program while also working towards earning my BSN through ECU. So, with the scholarships I have received, I will be able to cover the cost of earning my bachelor’s degree as well. Thank you for helping me reach my dreams of becoming a nurse!”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Leroy and Blanche Taylor Scholarship
Gaines Barrett (Barry) Huneycutt, Jr. Scholarship
Atanacio Borja Arreola
“Earning this scholarship award has not only benefited me, but also my family. I have been able to have the cost of my tuition covered while working toward my degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have been able to work and save money to help cover the cost of my bachelor’s degree so that I can hopefully graduate debt-free. I am very thankful for the donors to the LCC Foundation for helping me achieve my dreams!”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship

Marina Castillo
“Receiving the scholarships means so much to me and my future because it provides me a chance to get one step closer to becoming a dental hygienist and working with people. Thank you for this opportunity and for giving me a chance to look forward to my first year of college.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
W. Foster and Mary L. Gurley Ambassador Scholarship
James C. and Angeline S. Shell Scholarship
Southwest Christian Church Memorial Scholarship

Gabriel Wooten
“With the generous donations from donors, I have been able to cover the cost of my education while attending LCC. I plan to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill where I will work towards earning my Psychology degree. Words cannot describe how thankful I am that others have decided to invest in my education.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
W. Foster and Mary L. Gurley
Ambassador Scholarship and the
Dr. Shirley L. Dove Scholarship
Sheyla Rodriguez
“Receiving this scholarship allowed me to continue towards my goal without having
to worry financially. It has also allowed me to stay focused on my courses.
As a first-generation college student, I am extremely thankful for your
generosity and how this scholarship has impacted my future.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Juan Venegas
“The gift of receiving this scholarship means so much to not only me but my entire family. It is a blessing to be able to work towards my degree of mechanical engineering without the worry of student debt. I am very thankful for the donations made to the LCC Foundation to make this possible so I can further my education!”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Madison Smith
“This scholarship means so much to me and my family as I am the first to pursue higher education. It is because of kind people like you that a young student like me are given opportunities to help them achieve greatness.”


James C. Angeline S. Shell Scholarship
Cole Walters
“I am so thankful to have been a recipient of a full tuition paid scholarship. Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to focus on my education without the worry of student debt. I plan to pursue a career in investments and hope I too can help students out with their education, just as you have helped me.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship

Jaylen Rouse
“Being awarded these scholarships shows me that someone believes in me and cares about my future. I am in the Human Services program and plan to transfer to ECU to work towards my goal of becoming a school counselor. I aspire to help the youth so that they see their potential, just as others have seen mine in me.”


Bojangles/Tands Scholarship
W. Foster and Mary L. Gurley Ambassador Scholarship
Kristen Joyner
“I am thankful for this scholarship because it helps alleviate the financial stress
that comes with the cost of higher education. I promise to make the scholarship
committee proud of their decision of giving this scholarship to me and I will
not let them down.”


Lester and Geraldine White-Richard
and Margaret Richardson Memorial Scholarship
Tyler Jenkins
“Thank you for your support of the LCC Foundation. Receiving this scholarship has helped me focus on earning my Associate in Arts degree without the stress of covering the cost of earning a higher education. After my time at LCC I plan to transfer to ECU to earn my bachelor’s degree in construction management.”


Bradley Scott Lanier Memorial Scholarship
Macy Beaman
“Thanks to the generous donations to the LCC Foundation scholarships, neither
my parents nor I have to worry about covering my tuition cost during my
time at LCC. I am very thankful for the opportunity to earn my education at
Lenoir Community College debt-free!”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc. Scholarship
A. Forrest and Ruth King Waller Memorial Scholarship
Cristina Mendoza
“Receiving this scholarship affects not just me but my entire family. I am able to work towards my goal of becoming a nurse without the burden of tuition costs. I am the first of my family to attend college. I hope I can inspire others in my family to follow in my footsteps in reaching their dreams!”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Brock Alcock
“It is such a blessing to be given this opportunity to receive this very special scholarship. This award means I will be able to make my dreams of becoming a registered nurse come true. A passion of mine has always been a desire to help others by providing the care they need. Thank you again for helping make my dreams a reality.”


Virginia Lee Osborne Bonar Scholarship
Ravin Holloway
“For me, this scholarship means someone other than myself believes in me
and is willing to back me financially. I really appreciate this opportunity;
it means the world to me and it lets me know that there are still caring people
in the world.”


The Southwest Christian Church Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Freeman
“Receiving this scholarship makes it possible for me to attend school without having to work extra hours to cover the tuition cost. I hope by earning my degree in Industrial Systems Technology, I will be able to use this to help industries currently in this field by offering a consulting service to improve safety and productivity.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship

Faith Lam
“Receiving this scholarship will help to alleviate some of the monetary strain associated with the cost of college. Because of your generosity, I will be able to devote more time to my family, education, and future aspirations. One day, I hope to be in a position what allows me to assist other students in reaching their educational goals, just as you have done for me.”


Kathryn and Leroy Pittman Scholarship
Christopher Hardy
“This scholarship will help me in my endeavor towards earning my degree to become a history teacher. I am encouraged to continue and strive to accomplish this goal, so that I can share my passion of history so others can learn. I am honored and appreciative for this opportunity and gift as I work to continue my education.”


Counselor’s Award
Jacob Carr
“All of my life I have dreamed of becoming a mechanic. From a young age, I have loved working with my hands and learning how to solve problems. With receiving the gift of this scholarship, I will be able to achieve my dream debt free.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
James M. and Edwin W. Parrott
Clayton G. (Sonny) Koonce Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Carter
“I am honored to receive this scholarship and hope to one day do the same for the students that follow behind me. All this wouldn’t not be possible without LCC and the heartfelt generosity of our community!”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Dexter and Dorothy Floyd
William T. and Imogene Sutton Casey

Jackson Batchelor

“Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, it has been my dream to become a North Carolina Highway Patrolman. This Scholarship will assist me in completing my two-year degree and I am very thankful for this opportunity. ”


Greene County Merit Scholarship
Mariali Aguilar
“Receiving this scholarship has given me the opportunity to attend college with minimal debt. I am able to work towards earning my degree in medical assisting without the worry of paying for tuition. Thank you for helping me achieve my dream! “


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Patrick Carr
“I am very grateful and honored to be awarded this scholarship. It is a tremendous blessing to my family to receive this financial help. Thank you to the donors who provide so students like me are given an opportunity at higher education.”


Golden “K” Kiwanis Club of Kinston
Kenneth Carrasquillo
“This scholarship has allowed me to go to college at an affordable price and pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse! I am so grateful for this opportunity; I don’t know if I would be in the same position I am today without this scholarship.”


LCC Guarantee Scholarship
Faculty Memorial Scholarship