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How to talk to a Job Fair Recruiter

  1. Walk up to the employer’s table or booth. Make eye contact with the recruiter, smile, and say hello.
  2. Offer your handshake and introduce yourself.
  3. Ask about the career opportunities for your occupation at that company.
  4. Deliver your 15 second “sales pitch”:
    • Give your name
    • Mention your profession, occupation, or the job you are looking for
    • State your experience, skills, & accomplishments. If true, mention everyone’s been happy with your work
    • Offer your USP (Unique Selling Point)
    • It’s what sets you apart from the competition–it’s what makes you special

  5. Answer the recruiter’s questions and ask a few follow-up questions of your own.
  6. Tell the recruiter that you would like to apply for that job or position.
  7. Offer the recruiter a copy of your resume.
  8. Ask how you can schedule a job interview.
  9. Ask for the recruiter’s business card.
  10. Thank the recruiter, smile, and offer your handshake.

Dahlstrom, Harry (2012). Turn a Job Fair Into A Job Offer Holliston, MA