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Transitional and Career Studies

The mission of the Transitional and Career Studies program is to assist adults to become literate and obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for employment and self-sufficiency, assist adults who are parents to obtain the educational skills necessary to become full partners in the educational development of their children, and assist adults in the completion of a secondary school education. The main emphasis of the Transitional and Career Studies program is helping all individuals gain the competencies and skills needed to function effectively in society; therefore, even students who have a high school diploma may enroll.


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Choose a program below for more information:

   Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Through Adult Basic Education, adults who lack basic literacy skills can learn the skills necessary to obtain jobs and promotions, help their children with homework, exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens, manage their finances more effectively, and read notices of danger, invitation, and opportunity. ABE is open to any adult 18 years of age or older who has not completed high school and who functions below the ninth grade level. This program also serves individuals with disabilities. Educational opportunities are centered on helping individuals become as independent and self-directed as possible through acquiring basic and life skills needed to function successfully in daily living. The ABE curriculum is competency-based and stresses reading, writing, and mathematics. Adults who master the ABE levels may enroll in HSE, AHSD, and other transitional classes to gain skills and certifications for employment in various career fields. Classes are conducted in various locations at times convenient to adult learners.
   Adult High School Diploma (AHS)
The Adult High School Diploma Program provides adults with an opportunity to earn a high school diploma and consists of core courses required by the public school system along with electives offered by the community college. Students must have 22 units of credit to successfully complete the AHS program. In addition to regular classes, labs, and study projects, a work readiness component is offered. Graduates may participate in Lenoir Community College’s graduation ceremony. The College in conjunction with the Local Education Agency awards the diploma.
   Distance Education
Distance Education refers to delivering basic skills instruction in non-classroom settings. By moving beyond the confines of the classroom, distance education is able to reach out to adults with an array of options to improve their basic skills. Assistive technologies are available for non-traditional student use. Currently hybrid delivery of HSE and AHS is possible.
   English Language Acquisition
English Language Acquisition is designed to serve adult speakers of other languages. Adults study the English language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students also study basic math skills and civics education. Knowledge necessary to become active and informed parents, workers, and community members is shared through resource toolkits. Additionally, students are offered a course of study to prepare for the establishment of permanent resident status or U.S. citizenship.
   Family Literacy
Family Literacy addresses critical factors that limit a family’s ability to rise to a level of economic independence and self-sufficiency by integrating four essential components: adult education, parent and child together time (PACT), parenting, and employability skills. The College and the area LEA work collaboratively to champion the causes of families through Even Start, Head Start, Title I programs, and other community agencies.
   High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED)
Lenoir Community College organizes classes across the service area to prepare individuals to pass the High School Equivalency Diploma tests. The High School Equivalency Diploma test covers content that a graduating senior is expected to know in Language Arts-Reading/Writing, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics. Students attend classes until they demonstrate proficiency and successfully complete the High School Equivalency Diploma test battery. Students have the option to complete the test battery in a computer-based or paper-based format. The fee for the complete assessment is $50.00 – $80.00, depending on the chosen test format.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – choose a question below for more information

   How long does it take to graduate?
Most students complete course work within two years depending on grades and attendance.
   May I enroll if I am under the age of 18?
Yes. A student under the age of 18 may enroll if the student’s prior education agency approves the release. Along with the release you will need to bring the following items before entering the Transitional and Career Studies program: a sealed transcript, an attendance report, a disciplinary report and a copy of the students IEP (f applicable). A parent or legal guardian is also required to sign a minor release form and accompany the student to the school for an initial consultation. Please be aware that the North Carolina Department of Transportation may decertify driving licenses for students who drop out of high school.
   What does the placement test measure?
The placement test is a measure of academic grade level. It is used to determine the best class placement for the student.
   What’s the difference between an AHS & an HSED (formerly known as the GED)?
The Adult High School (AHS) Diploma and a High School Equivalency Diploma (HSE) carry the same weight. The AHS Diploma is given in conjunction with Lenoir County Public Schools. Receiving this diploma is the same as graduating from high school. A HSE Diploma is similar to the AHS Diploma and is accepted nationwide.
   Did you know? High School Equivalency Diploma Facts you may not know.

  • The new computerized tests have replaced the former GED assessment.
  • The new assessment consists of 4 tests that include Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Social Studies, and Science.
  • North Carolina joins 43 other states that have begun offering the former GED assessment on the computer since early 2012.
  • Adults who have tested on the computer had an 88% pass rate compared to 71% on paper.
  • Adults who have tested on the computer completed their exams in approximately 6 hours compared to 7 hours on paper.
  • Famous graduates include Bill Cosby, Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, Delaware’s Lieutenant Governor Ruth Ann Miller, U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell, Actor Michael J. Fox, Former Governor of New Jersey Jim Florio, Singer Vicki Carr, Country Singers Waylon Jennings and John Michael Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist Mary Lou Retton, and Editor of Parade Magazine Walter Anderson.


High School Equivalency Diploma
Adult High School Diploma


Students can register in one of three ways:

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  • In Person: See office location of the program coordinator listed below.
  • Phone: Contact the program coordinator listed below.

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