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Child Care Grant

What is it?
The LCC Child Care Grant is a grant funded by the state of North Carolina to assist currently enrolled students with their daycare expenses. It is meant to serve as partial and temporary child care funding while the student is enrolled in classes and is meeting the grant requirements. Funds are paid directly to state licensed day care centers for children between the ages of birth-12 years old. The grant can cover up to $300 per month towards child care for student’s enrolled 6-8 credit hours and up to $600 per month for students enrolled in 9 or more credit hours. The grant covers the months of September-the last day of the spring semester as long as the student is enrolled. Please read below to learn more about grant requirements and how to apply.

Am I Eligible?
To be eligible for the grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Minimum Completion Rate of 75%
  • Must be currently enrolled in an degree or Title IV eligible diploma program
  • Must be enrolled at least 6 credit hours with LCC
  • At least half of your credits must be on campus (not online)
  • Must have completed one semester at Lenoir Community College
  • Must be a NC resident

Per the eligibility requirements of the Lenoir Community College Child Care Grant the following exception is incorporated into the regulations.

IF, funding is available a student’s application may be processed and funding applied for a probationary period of “ONE” semester, with the following exceptions:

  1. GPA above 2.90 will be acceptable
  2. A Completion Rate above 74%

The probationary period cannot extend beyond one semester, during which time the student must achieve the standard 3.0 GPA and 75% Completion Rate to receive continued funding.

How Do I Apply?
To apply for the NC Child Care Grant, a student must complete the following:

  • FAFSA Application with LCC
  • Complete the FAFSA verification process with the LCC Financial Aid Office
  • Admissions Process for a curriculum program at LCC
  • Child Care Grant Application
  • Attach to the Child Care Grant Application proof that you have applied for DSS day care assistance: a copy of the DSS voucher amount, the denial letter for DSS, or a letter verifying you are on the waiting list

Child Care Grant Application
Child Care Grant FAQ’s
Child Care Grant Polices and Procedures

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