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Transfer Course List Effective

*UGETC – Indicates a Universal General Education Transfer Component Course

Changes in the student’s major field of study or in the choice of senior institution may delay transfer. Such changes should be made only after careful study and consultation with a counselor or advisor.

College Transfer Degree Requirements
General Requirements for graduation for the associate in arts, associate in fine arts, and associate in science degrees are as follows:

  1. To qualify for a degree, specific course requirements must be met. However, when a student can demonstrate that specific requirements at a senior institution are in conflict with the associate degree requirements at Lenoir Community College, substitutions may be recommended by the Dean of Arts and Sciences.
  2. All college financial obligations must be met.
  3. A minimum of 60-61 semester hours with a program grade point average of at least 2.00 is required. Grade point average is computed as outlined in the Academic Regulations. Required courses and electives must be completed in accordance with the programs as listed in the catalog.
  4. A minimum of 25% of the credit hours required for completion of a degree must be earned at Lenoir Community College.
  5. Application for graduation must be made in accordance with the dates listed in the college catalog.

Transfer Course List