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Virtual Transfer Center

Welcome to the Lenoir Community College University and College Transfer website. The site is designed to provide current and future students with information relevant to college and university transfer. This site is the online hub for college transfer information for LCC students. We hope that you will utilize the resources on this site to make sound decisions about selecting your college or university of choice. Ultimately, we know that understanding the transfer pathway is critical to your success both here at LCC and at the next institution in which you chose to enroll. Remember, the College is committed to your success as student and want to help make your transition to the next level of education seamless.

If you have questions or would like more college transfer information, please contact the Virtual Transfer Center team at

Thank you for taking charge of your transfer planning!!!

Student Success, ACA Information

The College’s ACA, College Student Success, courses are designed to help transfer students navigate the process of transferring from Lenoir Community College to the transfer institution of choice. Topics covered include majors of study, building a successful transfer schedule of courses, navigating the transfer institutions’ websites, and many other student resources.
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BiLateral Agreements

Lenoir Community College maintains bilateral agreements with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs at several North Carolina Universities. These programs are designed to maximize a student’s time at the community college level and ease the transition to the university program.
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College and University Visits

Lenoir Community College provides several opportunities for colleges and universities to visit the Kinston campus. Please check back regularly to see when the next college/university representative is scheduled to visit the campus.
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Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement between the University of North Carolina and the North Carolina Community College System rests upon several assumptions common to successful statewide comprehensive articulation agreements.
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Transfer Course List

College and university transfer students need to know detailed information about what courses will transfer to senior institutions. The transfer course list will provide you with detailed information on college transferable courses offered at LCC.
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Transfer Deadlines

Every college and university has its own application deadline. Community College transfer applicants are students that are transferring from the community college to the four-year college/university. Most college applications have deadlines listed, however; if you are unable to determine the deadline for a particular institution, you should contact the school’s admissions department. Some colleges/universities provide Lenoir Community College with their application deadline for advertisement. As this information is made available, it will be posted it to LCC’s website.
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Transfer Happenings

This section is designed to highlight events that are taking place on the campuses of four year colleges and universities across the state. Students should check this part of the webpage frequently to stay in the know!
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Transfer Institution Network

The Transfer Institution Network is indexed by institution. Choose the schools you are interested in transferring to, and you will find a network of Lenoir Community College faculty and staff who went to that school. These alumni will be happy to speak with you about their experience and offer advice as you begin thinking about the transfer process.
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Transfer Programs

Lenoir Community College offers three college transfer programs. These programs include two years of courses paralleling the freshman and sophomore years at most senior colleges and universities.
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Transfer with an AAS

Many four year institutions now have transfer opportunities to apply Associate in Applied Science degrees for credit towards a Bachelor of Science degree.
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