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Mission, Goals and
Learning Outcomes

The mission of the Lenoir Community College Radiography Program is to provide radiography students with a comprehensive education in radiography, by which to prepare them to enter the radiographic profession as a competent entry–level radiographer.

Radiography Program Outcomes

  1. The student will complete the program within 150% of the stated program length.
  2. The graduate will indicate satisfaction with preparation for employment.
  3. The employer will indicate satisfaction with the graduate’s competency.
  4. The graduate will pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologies (ARRT) credentialing examination.
  5. The radiography program will meet the needs of the community by providing qualified radiographers employed in medical imaging within twelve months post graduation.

Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: The student will demonstrate clinical competency in skills related to the Radiography profession.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will competently perform routine radiographic procedures.
  2. The student will competently provide patient care.

Goal 2: The radiography student will effectively utilize problem solving and critical thinking skills in the performance of medical imaging procedures.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will competently evaluate radiographs for appropriate positioning and image quality.
  2. The student will demonstrate competence in non-routine examinations.

Goal 3: The radiography student will be able to demonstrate appropriate communication skills.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will demonstrate effective communication skills.
  2. The student will demonstrate age specific communication skills.

Goal 4: The radiography student will accept responsibility for understanding the value of professional development and growth.
Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will demonstrate appropriate professional behavior in the clinical setting.
  2. The student will understand the benefits of professional organizations and opportunities that foster development and growth.

Revised April 2017