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Mechanical Engineering Technology–A40320

Pathway: Engineering and Technology

These curriculums are designed to prepare students through the study and application of principles from mathematics, natural sciences, and technology and applied processes based on these subjects.

Course work includes mathematics, natural sciences, engineering sciences and technology.

Graduates should qualify to obtain occupations such as technical service providers, materials, and technologies testing services, process improvement technicians, engineering technicians, industrial and technology managers, or research technicians.

A course of study that prepares the students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills to design, develop, test, and troubleshoot projects involving mechanical systems. Includes instruction in principles of mechanics, applications to specific engineering systems, design testing procedures, prototype and operational testing and inspection procedures, manufacturing system-testing procedures, test equipment operation and maintenance, computer applications, critical thinking, planning and problem solving, and oral and written communications. Graduates of the curriculum will find employment opportunities in the manufacturing or service sectors of engineering technology. Engineering technicians may obtain professional certification by application to organizations such as ASQC, SME, and NICET.

Course and hour requirements

Semester–by–Semester Plan

For more information please contact:
Matthew Berg
Supply Chain Management/Mechanical Engineering Technology Program Chair/Instructor

Business Technology (Building 006), Room 230
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 606
Fax: (252) 233-6879

Donna Smith
Instructional Assistant-Industrial Technologies

Bullock (Building 001), Room 119
Phone: (252) 527-6223, ext. 700
Fax: (252) 233-6889