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Lenoir Community College is Creating Success

  • Tonya Adams

    Tonya Adams

    “The classes I took at LCC provided me with a great skill set and gave me opportunities that have impacted my life in every aspect of my career.”

  • Jordan Alphin

    Jordan Alphin

    “At North Lenoir, I got a good basic understanding of measuring instruments and how machines work. At LCC, it was just an easy transition to continue doing something I enjoy.”

  • Algenon Ashford

    Algenon Ashford

    “LCC taught me to try hard, do my very best and really give it my all, in whatever I set my mind to accomplish.”

  • Tammy Baysden

    Tammy Baysden

    “I consider myself the constant learner and enjoyed the classes and interaction of the LCC environment.”

  • Melisa Gaskins

    Melisa Gaskins

    “The GAIT program at LCC provided me with a strong foundation in both design and printing which allowed me to find long-term employment.”

  • Atalie Grady

    Atalie Grady

    “Thanks to LCC’s Early Childhood Education program, not only was I able to acquire the skills I needed to get a job, I was shown the path to a rewarding career.”

  • Robert Holmes

    Robert Holmes

    “LCC was a great experience for me. It has great teachers and I felt safe on campus. Everyone was helpful and I made a few lasting friendships.”

  • Curtis Howard

    Curtis Howard

    “LCC provided me with a well-rounded liberal arts education that gave me a solid foundation for my future efforts at UNC and UNCW.”

  • Raymond Howard

    Raymond Howard

    “I am working in a field that I love. LCC helped me achieve that career.”

  • Allen Jones

    Allen Jones

    “I selected LCC because I wanted a more personal small class educational experience after being away from the campus setting. The quality of my LCC classroom experience equaled any I would find at a larger institution.”

  • Josephine Wallace-Koonce

    Josephine Wallace-Koonce

    “LCC was the open door for me to a better career after I was laid off. I love what I am doing.”

  • Robert McGaughy

    Robert McGaughy

    “I’ve seen and experienced just about everything in aviation…the ups, downs and everything in the middle. All I can say if I had to start over again I would do it in a heartbeat.”

  • David Nesbitt

    David Nesbitt

    “The training I received at LCC put me in a job before I even graduated. It’s a great place to start and then move on to a four year program and then even further if possible.”

  • Shana Norris

    Shana Norris

    “LCC gave me the tools to understand the whole process of design. It was a great experience.”

  • Brandon Potter

    Brandon Potter

    “I am doing what I enjoy, LCC provided me with valuable tools for my career.”

  • Jonathan Stallings

    Jonathan Stallings

    “LCC taught me that I can achieve greatness within my own lifetime. The intrinsic value of education that LCC has instilled will forever make me change, grow, and try my best.”

  • Delisa Staps

    Delisa Staps

    “I enjoy giving back to a program that ultimately began my career and now I’m able to do the same for others.”

  • Lisa Thomas

    Lisa Thomas

    “I was able to fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse. LCC gave me that opportunity. The nursing program was great and the instructors excellent.”

  • Shannon Collins

    Shannon Tucker

    “I place LCC’s GAIT two-year program among the best in the state.”

  • Daren Tyndall

    Daren Tyndall

    “LCC gave me the opportunity to be successful academically in a small college setting before stepping into a larger university arena.”

  • Matthew Tyndall

    Matthew Tyndall

    “LCC offers a top quality education that was affordable, has a knowledgeable and caring faculty, and provided me with the foundation to continue my education at East Carolina University.”

  • Ann Whitfield

    Ann Whitfield

    “The education that I received while attending LCC helped me to better prepare myself and attain my goals by helping me to grow in the supervisory position that I currently hold.”