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You may search for sections via WebAdvisor. You can select either Current Curriculum Student or Prospective Student.  User ID and password are not required to search for sections.

  Term provides the term that the section is offered.

Status states whether the section is full, closed, or open. Please note that while a section is being viewed by you, another student(s) could be registering for the open seats.

Section Name and Title

The course prefix and number, synonym, and title will be listed.  A synonym is a unique six digit number used for web registration.  Section name and title is also linked to more information on the course.  Click on it to view course prerequisite and corequisite requirements, as well as to view other information about the class.

Pre-Requisites and Co-Requisites

Prerequisites and corequisites may be viewed while searching for sections by clicking on the course number that displays as a hyperlink.  Clicking on this link will provide detailed information about the course including any prerequisites or corequisites, course description, etc. 

An academic division will require that a student drop a class for which he or she has not fulfilled the published state and local prerequisites and corequisites. The drop and refund deadlines still apply. The North Carolina Administrative Code require adherence to all prerequisites and corequisite listed upon enrollment. The college reserves the right to administratively drop any student who has not successfully completed the listed state and local prerequisites or is not registered for the listed state and local corequisites.


Location reveals the campus or site where the course is being taught.  Please keep in mind that you should allow adequate travel time between different locations.

Meeting Information

Meeting information provides the start and end time, start and end date and building and room for the section.


The instructor's name is listed. If instructor's name was not available at the time of printing, this column will be blank.

  The first number indicates the number of available seats in the section.  The second number indicates the maximum number of seats in the section.  Keep in mind that while a section is being viewed by you, another student(s) could be registering for the open seats.

The number of semester hours credit awarded for course completion. Pre-curriculum courses earn 0 quality points, regardless of the grade earned.


Curriculum classes award credit hours only.  CEU’s will not be reflected.

Academic Level
  All curriculum courses will display an academic level of CU.
Note on Cooperative Education Courses

Students desiring to register for cooperative education courses must be advised by the Cooperative Education Office staff. 

Class Updates

Check WebAdvisor for updated information on available seats and class statuses. These class listings are updated in real time.

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