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  Students should contact their advisor to complete drop/add forms. Drop and add dates are listed on the Academic Calendar.  Students can add new 16-week courses through the end of the add period as indicated on the academic calendar. Students can add courses that are not scheduled for the traditional 16-week semester through the first scheduled day of the class. Students can normally drop a course through the 10% date as listed on the academic calendar or, for courses that are less than the traditional 16 weeks, through the 10% of the course. No grade is awarded for drops. After the 10% the drop is considered a withdrawal. Click here for Drop/Add Form.

Students may request withdrawal from courses by the last day to process drops as indicated by “LPD” on the academic calendar. Withdrawal requests must be made to the instructor. Withdrawals can affect a student’s financial aid eligibility and could result in necessary repayment of grants so it is imperative that students check with the Office of Financial Aid before requesting a withdrawal from the instructor. Withdrawals are awarded a grade of “W”, “WP”, or “WF” at the discretion of the instructor. The “WF” is interpreted as an “F” in computing grade point averages. The “W” and “WP” are not computed in grade point averages.

Auditing Courses

Students who wish to audit courses must register through an advisor. Although students auditing a course receive no credit, at the discretion of the instructor, they may be required to attend classes regularly, participate in class discussion, and meet other course requirements. Any student auditing a class who does not meet requirements set by the instructor is subject to suspension from that class. Students auditing a course are charged the same fee as students taking courses for credit. Pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements must be met in order to audit a course. Students wishing to audit class(es) must notify their advisors at the time of registration and their instructors upon entry into the class(es). Audit cannot be changed to credit or credit to audit after the deadline for adding courses.

Academic Forgiveness
  A student who has not enrolled in curriculum courses for 36 consecutive months may request the Registrar to evaluate the student’s academic record. Under this policy, the student may request that previous grade of “F” or “WF” not be used in calculating the cumulative grade point average. Prior to reevaluation, the student must be readmitted to the College and complete at least 12 credit hours of course work. The student must maintain at least a 2.50 GPA on those 12 credit hours. The Registrar, at the request of the student, will reevaluate the cumulative grade point average as appropriate. A reevaluation is provided only once for each student. Note: Recipients of financial aid or veteran’s benefits may not be eligible for this forgiveness policy based on federal guidelines and regulations. The student should contact the Office of Financial Aid before apply for academic forgiveness. Click here for the Academic Forgiveness Form.
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