Continuing Education Workforce Investment Act
WIA is a federally funded program that provides core, intensive, and training services through the local JobLink Career Center. WIA offers a mix of employment, training, and job placement services. Participants may access Individual Training Accounts to assist with tuition, fees, books, supplies, and accident insurance. On-the-Job Training contracts may be available for suitable candidates. Job attainment, job retentioin, and increased earnings for participants are goals of the WIA program.

The Workforce Investment Act was established to assist adults and dislocated workers in retraining and obtaining employment.

The cornerstone of this system is a One-Stop service delivery that unifies numerous training, education, and employment programs in a single, customer-friendly system in communities known as the JobLink Career Center.

Need Financial Assistance? If you are interested in tuition and fee assistance to enter or complete courses/training, please request more information in the Lenoir, Greene, or Jones JobLink Center. Click here for more information.
The JobLink Career Center can help with the following:
Continuing Education Information about employment opportunities
Continuing Education Career options
Continuing Education Student financial aid
Continuing Education Supportive services
Continuing Education Employment trends
Continuing Education Instructions on how to do a job search, write a resume, or interview with an employer
The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 provides the framework for a unique national workforce preparation and employment system designed to meet both the needs of the nation's business and the needs of job seekers and those who want to further their careers. 
Title I of the legislation is based on the following elements:
Continuing Education Training and employment programs must be designed and managed at the local level where the needs of businesses and individuals are best understood.
Continuing Education Customers must be able to conveniently access the employment, education, training, and information services they need at a single location in their neighborhoods.
Continuing Education Customers should have choices in deciding the training program that best fits their needs and the organizations that will provide that service. They should have control over their own career development.
Continuing Education Customers have a right to information about how well training providers succeed in preparing people for jobs. The training providers will provide information on their success rates.
Continuing Education Businesses will provide information, leadership, and play an active role in ensuring that the system prepares people for current and future jobs.

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