Joshua Grady Lenoir Community College student Joshua Grady of Kinston is the first recipient of the Stanly Community College (SCC) Academy Support Center/Instructor Training Center scholarship.  The $600 scholarship will go towards his educational endeavors at LCC. SCC is LCC’s support school for the Cisco Networking Academy.

A double major, Grady is studying Computer Information Technology and Networking Technology and holds a grade point average of 4.0. Nominated by his instructor, Gail Edwards, Grady was selected for the scholarship from a group of highly qualified Cisco Networking Academy candidates.

Cisco Networking Academy is a global education program that teaches students how to design, build, troubleshoot, and secure computer networks for increased access to career and economic opportunities in
communities around the world. The Networking Academy provides activities to help individuals prepare for IT and networking careers in virtually every type of industry.

Having completed his first year at LCC, Grady is taking a class this summer and says he is enjoying every minute.
“My experience at LCC has been great,” he said. “About a week or so ago I was able to start back working with the MIS department at LCC. I did work study starting my first semester and thankfully this summer I was able to get some technical assistance in too. So, I’m really enjoying it so far,” he said.

Grady said he is getting experience doing miscellaneous computer work such as troubleshooting computer problems. “ I just go and do the best I can to fix it.”

“I do miscellaneous computer work, whether it has been running around going into computers beaming with problems, or if it’s a computer that just won’t turn on, I just go and do the best I can to fix it,” he said.

“Joshua is an excellent example for his fellow students through his close attention to detail, studious efforts, and congenial attitude,” Edwards said. “He is dependable. He works independently well and is willing to go the extra mile to solve any problem that may arise.”

Grady is passionate about his field of study. “Ever since I began pursuing my degrees in Computer Information Technology and Networking Technology, I have felt a strong verification that these are the fields I would like to work in for the rest of my life,” he said.

“Ever since my family bought our first computer, I have experimented and striven to learn about all sorts of computer-related things, even when it sometimes caused my family some headache and computer repair,” he said.  “Thanks to my instructors, members of the Information Technology (IT) department, and other LCC employees, I have been able to learn about so many different pieces of technology that I never knew existed.

“This hands-on experience has especially come from my time as a work study with my advisor, Ms. Edwards, and the IT department at the college. By receiving this scholarship, I am not only able to continue attending LCC, but I am able to continue learning and experiencing new types of technology,” he said. “My hope is that, through this award, I will be able to continue to pursue a successful career in the IT field.”

As for the future, Grady said he doesn’t have any specific dream job in mind. “It’ll be about two more years before I can finish both degrees. I would just like to do IT work, nothing terribly specific, but just enjoy it.”
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