The Lenoir Community College Computer Engineering Technology (CET) Club has been in full swing this year.  The club consists of students in the Computer Engineering Technology Department at the college. The club gives the freshman and sophomore students a chance to interact with each other and students at other programs at LCC in such events as the Fall Festival and the Spring Joust.

This year the CET Club officers are Dujan Jones, President; Samuel McKinney, Vice President; Kianda Giles, Secretary; Nee Nanthanorath, Treasurer; Justin Hardy, Reporter and David V. Jones and Glenn Thompson, club advisors.

The CET program focuses on training students with the skills to install, service, and maintain computers, peripherals, networks, microprocessors and other computer-controlled equipment.  This program, headed by David V. Jones, has included training in both hardware and software with emphasis on computer systems concepts to provide the student with a well-rounded view of how computer related equipment works together.

The CET coursework includes digital electronics, circuit analysis, programming of PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers), upgrade and repair of personal computers, and programming Boe-Bots (microcontrollers), which uses stamp technology, a very popular technology that we use today in such devices as cell phones, microwaves, automobiles, etc.  The students study computers and computer related equipment.

“The LCC Computer Engineering Technology Department can help get you prepared for employment in Electronics, Digital Electronics, Computers, Computer Upgrade/Repair, Computer Networking, Routers and Switches, Industrial Controls, Programmable Logic Controllers, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, sales, etc.,” Jones said. 

“Companies moving into Lenoir County need skilled employees in the areas mentioned. Now is the time to start your career in a field with above average salaries,” he said.  “This is a career only you can control, a career with no ceiling.”
Jones said students should not wait until companies start hiring before they discover they do not have a degree that qualifies them for the position they want.

Do not wait until the companies start hiring only to discover you do not have a degree that qualifies you for the position you want.  “Sign up today with the Computer Engineering Technology so you will be ready.”
For more information, contact Jones at 252 527-6223, ext.102 or email djones@lenoircc.edu.

Computer Engineering Technology Club Officers 2013-2014

LCC Computer Engineer Technology Club officers pictured left to right are David V. Jones, Advisor and CET Program Chair; Dujan Jones, President; Samuel McKinney, Vice President; Kianda Giles, Secretary; Justin Hardy, Reporter; and Glenn Thompson, advisor.  Not pictured is Nee Nanthanorath, Treasurer.