Welding Technology Department Host Boy Scout Welding Merit Badge

LCC Welding Technology department hosted the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Welding Merit Badge on December 1st, 2012.  The event was called Advance-o-Ree and it was held for the Caswell District which covers Lenoir and Greene counties and is part of the BSA East Carolina Council.  Twenty-five Boy Scouts, ranging from 12 to 15 years of age, earned their Welding merit badge that weekend.

Part of the requirements for the Welding merit badge were to cover a small plate with weld beads side by side, weld their initials onto a metal plate, weld various weld joints including a square butt joint, tee joint and lap joint using the SMAW (Stick) welding process.

Being the first year that we did the Welding merit badge, LCC Chair, Chris Taylor said, “We added a little twist with allowing the Scouts to train on LCC’s Lincoln Vertex 360 Welding Simulator before entering the weld lab. Then along with that they assisted in completing a project for the Lenoir County Fair Grounds Association, which was to build skid rails that would mount to the bottom of the bleachers to make it easier to move around the Fair Grounds, using the GMAW (Mig) welding process.”  Taylor also said, “It was exciting to be able to host the event.”

Special thanks goes out to, James Elmore (Welding Badge Counselor), Bryan Hussy (Lenoir County Fair Grounds Association) and Richard Holmes (event coordinator).   

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