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Remember the song “If there’s somethin’ strange in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call? – Ghostbusters. If it’s somethin’ weird and it won’t look good, Who ya gonna call – Ghostbusters? Well now you can as the Lenoir Community College La Grange Center is offering Ghost Hunting 101, a paranormal investigating class.

“The outpouring of interest was incredible after placing an inquiry of interest on the LCC La Grange Center’s Facebook page,” according to La Grange Center Director Misty Moye. “The first class we offered was in January and that class was so popular, we offered another class to accommodate everyone.”

Each paranormal six-week class is held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Field trips are held on the third and sixth Saturday of each class. Locations are disclosed to students prior to the trip.

The cost of the self-supporting class varies as it depends on how many people participate. “The Center starts a new paranormal class every six weeks and people can take it as many time as they would like,” Moye said. “Class participants receive a certificate of achievement for each six-week class they complete.”

Thomas Bailey of Pikeville is the founder and head of Eastern Carolina Paranormal Investigators (ECPI) and teaches the class. He is also a police officer with the Goldsboro Police Department.
Bailey said he became interested in the paranormal in 2000 when he was visited by what he believed was his grandmother who had recently passed. “ECPI is open to the public, however to join those interested must complete some supervised training prior to being inducted as a member.”

He said most investigations stem from reports from ordinary citizens and occasional inquiries into local urban legends. He said he takes precautionary steps to ensure the safety of those he oversees by using his expertise to assess whether a location contains good or bad entities. He has experienced both (good and bad) in his career and uses his personal insight to determine the difference.

Moye said during the class students are given hands on support and supervised instruction on how to use everyday devices to reach a scientific explanation of paranormal activity. While in the class, students have the opportunity to go to reportedly active locations to use their new founds skills and abilities.  Additional tools are provided by the instructor for students to become familiar with prior to purchasing their own. Some of the tools provided by Bailey are digital recorders, digital camera, night vision instruments, Electronic Magnetic Field Detectors, motion detectors, ghost boxes, and countless others.

In order to take the class, someone must have an open mind and little fear of the dark, Moye said. “The current students have experienced being touched, having their hair played with, seeing figures, and lots of great pictures,” she said. “Common occurrences with photographs are Orbs, which are believed to be balls of energy produced by spirits when materializing. Some Orbs have been enhanced to reveal faces and features.”

Tom Miller, a student, said, “I have always been interested in the paranormal. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would experience the amazing things I have while taking the Paranormal Investigation class at LCC’s La Grange Center. If anyone is interested in the paranormal, you are really missing out by not taking this class!”

Greg Pridgen, another student in the class, said, “I have always been a skeptic until I went on my first investigation. My mind was changed for me really fast.”

As to date, the paranormal investigation class has served more 40 students seeking to learn more about ghosts, UFO’s, Sasquatches, and countless more areas. The classes have investigated Harmony Hall, The Planetarium, Grainger’s High School, and some members even recently took a trip to Gettysburg, PA.

“Experts in various fields have come to give more understanding into different realms of the paranormal,” Moye said. “Students attending the class have traveled from as far as Sanford, Greenville, New Bern, and Wilson.”   

“The students have enjoyed a wide range of locations to put their new found skills to work,” she added.

For more information on the Paranormal Investigating – Ghost Hunting 101, call Moye at (252) 806-0522.

Ghost Busting

LCC La Grange Center offer Ghost Hunting 101, a paranormal investigating class. Pictured left to right are students Tom Miller of La Grange, and Greg Pridgen of Snow Hill, instructor Thomas Bailey of Pikeville, student Carl Hollingsworth of La Grange, and LCC Director of La Grange Center Misty Moye.

Ghost Busting

LCC Director of La Grange Center Misty Moye demonstrates how to use dowsing rods, also called divining rods, to detect and communicate with spirits.

Ghost Busting
Thomas Bailey
Ghost Busting Ghost Busting

Student Tom Miller of La Grange uses audio amplifier to capture low-frequency sounds.

Student Carl Hollingsworth of La Grange uses Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detector to detect presence of ghosts.

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